Stop the madness.

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Ever notice the name of this blog?  Reviews.  That’s right, I share my opinions.  Today, my biggest pet peeve: dressmakers who give you five pics from the same view.  Yuck.  Why?  Oh, and WHY?  I want to see the dang thing.  So I’m putting together some tips on how to show everyone what you made.

1) Please, take the picks in daylight.  I’ve been guilty here.  When I was young and stupid (read: two months ago), I took all my picks using third-rate three-point lighting.  Yuck.  Let us all agree to do better.

2) Smile.  Don’t nobody wanna see your mugshot.  Unless you’re famous.  In which case, why are you a sewing blogger??

3) Give multiple views.  Front, side, back, on a bicycle.

4) Try and give some close-ups of any special details.  Am I the only one who dies to see things up close?  Show me the stitches!

5) Try doing a 360 view.  Set up the camera and take a short video.  Show the world what you maaaaaaaaade!  I’m doing a little tute on this (’twill be my first).

This is just a little list of things I could think of.  Feel free to add to the list in the comments.  I’ll post the the good ones and link over to your blog.  (Assuming the pics on your blog meet my stringent demands.  Joking.  Or not.  Just kidding.  But really.)

Ok, that’s all for now.