New Skirt Review: New Look 6228!

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Review New Look 0914 6228 Review

Who’s got a new skirt and a deep forehead crease? This girl.

So here’s my review for this knit skirt.  It’s New Look 0914 or 6228, depending on when they printed it:

New Look 0914 or 6228 Knit Skirt Review

Overall, the skirt is fine, but the notions required made it hard to gather the supplies.

A bit of trivia here: this is my *first* pattern.  The very first I ever bought!  Right when I first got stitching, that wall of patterns beckoned me.  And I looked around for something do-able.  Also I thought McCalls patterns really did cost 18 bucks.  It was a simpler time.

Anywho, the notions.  It asks for stretch piping (which took a lot of sleuthing to get my mind around) and 1.25 inch elastic.  My corner notions store stops at 1 inch.

So I didn’t sew this forever.  Remember, it was my first pattern, so I assumed all the notions were gospel.  Like maybe the piping was needed for structure.  Or  1″ elastic would not hold the skirt up.  Seriously, I was skerrrrred.

I ended up not using the stretch piping and sewing View A.



  • This was my first finished knit skirt.
  • ‘Twas my first time hemming a knit garment.  (That’s right, I’ve been leaving the ends to the wind!)
  • This was my first time being fussy about lining everything up.


  • The directions are fine.  Nothing insane.
  • The fit was pretty close.  The elastic guide was a bit off, but that’s hard for the pattern manufacturer to control.


  • The notions were a bit hard to come by.  (I’ll make my own piping when the sewing stork brings me a foot to do so.  I just really don’t wanna.)

So since this was the first pattern that ever came home with me, I researched it endlessly.  And found out about sewing bloggers.  Thanks in particular to Mrs. Toad.  Her write-up is here.  She helped convince me to not go a size up.

Here’s the 360:

5SecondsApp-3rDo you recognize the print?  Yup, that’s the same stuff I used to make this top.

So, here’s the whole family:

New Look 0914 or 6228 Knit Skirt Review Simplicity 2189

See how I never hemmed that top. Yup, we’re still not talking to each other.

That’s pretty much it for the review.  I think I’ll adjust the size a bit if/when I sew it again.  Did you noticed the rudder in the 360 view?  #bigbuttproblems Maybe it’s time to put a zipper on my Simplicity “Amazing Fit” skirt.  Will that help my bottom fit??

You’ve been a great audience!

Kisses and stitches,


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4 Responses to New Skirt Review: New Look 6228!

  1. Natalie says:

    This looks great, well done! I am also in the process of making a few pattern firsts. It’s so hard sometimes to know whether I’m doing it the ‘proper’ way! I actually think your skirt and top look great together!!

  2. qplourde says:

    I love that print – very summer-y! I honestly can’t even wear skirts shaped like that, so I know about the #problems. It looks great though – I think it fits nicely. Congrats on finishing your first knit skirt – you’ll be a pro in no time!

  3. Ebi Poweigha says:

    Good job on matching the stripes — that’s so much trickier than it sounds. Congrats on the new twinset! 😉

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