New Pattern for Fall Sewing: Simplicity 1325

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It’s fall–in my sewing room.  I got the autumn stitch itch (ASI).  After the little write-up with my picks for the Simplicity early fall line, I’ve had cool-weather clothes on the brain.

So I finally cut up and stitched something: An easy-to-sew knit top from the Simplicity 1325 envelope.  I picked it for the long, cozy sleeves.  I’ve got fabric for the dress, too.  Here’s the pattern envelope:

Simplicity 1325 Misses pants, jumper or tunic, jacket and top

Without further ado, here is the knit top:

Simplicity 1325 New patterns for fall--knit top with extra long sleeves Simplicity 1325 New patterns for fall--knit top with extra long sleevesThis is only my second knit top, so it’s just not perfect.  This is definitely progress over the first one though.


Love, love, love the extra-long sleeves.  They’re great for when it’s warm during the day and a tad nippy in the evening.

easy project–anyone but me could do in a day

straightforward directions.


The fit around the neck isn’t perfect.  It’s not the kind of fit issue I would have noticed before I started sewing, though.  So if you’re not a total freak, it is probably nothing.


I’m happy enough with it that I’m *definitely* sewing up the dress that goes over it.

Lastly, I have your 360 view:

Simplicity 1325 New patterns for fall--knit top with extra long sleevesNot that anyone asked, but I was totally wearing my McCalls pajama bottoms from last month while writing this post.  They’re still such a win.

Who else is already elbow-deep in their fall sewing?

Kisses and stitches,


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7 Responses to New Pattern for Fall Sewing: Simplicity 1325

  1. Mrs.Smith says:

    I *almost* sewed this up this past week!! I think it will definitely go in queue though just for the long, comfy sleeves. Reminds me of my favorite Gap tee.

    It looks great on you and I love the fabric!

    I am heading into fall sewing. I have plans for transitional tops and I need PANTS. I also want to sew a couple jackets/cardigans and a cape. Not too ambitious, right?? 🙂

    • Ruthie says:

      You’re a crazy person. The kind that whips up a mini wardrobe on the weekend. Feel free to make me a pair of pants because that’s sooooo not in my current skill set. Thanks for stopping in~

  2. qplourde says:

    Ack! Not ready for fall! Still behind in my summer projects. But great top, and I like the look of dress. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Erika says:

    It looks great! Love that print, perfect fall colors. I haven’t started fall sewing yet, but I’m ready to get myself some fall fabric and get started. 🙂

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