What’s the deal with Club BMV??

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More specifically, my question is about the Material Mondays perk.  Let me go into a little detail.

I, like many seamstresses that go before me, have acquainted myself with the convoluted clustermuck that is the Pattern Pricing Predicament.  I’m fortunate enough that most of the time, I can get most patterns I want at Jo-Ann’s and on sale for $1-$2.  I just have to be patient.

when's the next jo-ann's pattern sale butte rick mccalls simplicity vogue

Crouching Ruthie, Hidden Pattern

But a little bit ago, there were two patterns that Jo-Ann’s refused to restock.  I figured it was because, during sales, these popular patterns were selling out.  Or that my evil pattern twin was coming in before sales and hiding them.  (We all know that people do it.  I read about these horrible —  wait genius — no, horrible ladies on Gertie’s blog.)

when's the next jo-ann's pattern sale butte rick mccalls simplicity vogue

You hid my patterns where??

Eventually I gave up and decided to get them on sale at the McCall’s Pattern website.  And I also went in for the Club BMV membership.  In addition to 20% off all patterns and Vogue subscriptions, it also boasts a weekly chance to win fabric in something called “Material Mondays.”  Ooooooo.

Is the club bmv membership and material mondays worth it
Look at all those perks.

It’s this “Material Mondays and Other Exclusive Giveaways” that had me curious.  So two months after buying that membership, I thought “what’s going on with that giveaway?”  And I found the rules on the website:

What are the rules for Material Mondays?
Basically, you have to email them.

So on July 20th, I go and try to sign up.  But wait, the thing hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks.

Screenshot taken on July 21st.
Screenshot taken on July 21st.


  1. What are the chances this is a real thing– that McCall Pattern Company is selecting members on a weekly basis and sending a length of fabric?  

  2. What do you guys think is going on here?  

  3. Have any of you ever heard of anyone winning?  

  4. Or maybe I’m wrong in deducing that Material Mondays is a weekly thing.  Maybe it’s monthly?  Let’s discusssssssss!


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4 Responses to What’s the deal with Club BMV??

  1. Carolyn says:

    When they first announced material mondays about a year ago they did offer fabric every Monday…not so much lately. Every once in awhile the will offer up another Material Monday you have to watch your email for it. BTW, all of the winners were announced. HTH!

    • Ruthie says:

      Thank you, Carolyn. This is just the kind of history I was curious about! I had crazy theories how there must have been some intern whose job it was to update the site and then the internship was over and no one kept up on it. I had a different hypothesis that involved a wild tiger. And one with a hurricane/flood.

  2. qplourde says:

    I thought it was monthly – although I never made the connection that it’s called Material Monday, so you would assume that it would be every Monday. Not sure why I assumed it was monthly either – but I don’t see emails about it every week, just once in a while. I have been a member since last Sept, and I feel like I saw emails about material Monday about 3 times. But I may have accidentally deleted some. I don’t see where they announce the winners – so I can’t be sure they actually give anything away. I did email once and I didn’t win (no surprise there). I’d been wondering about this myself…

  3. Ebi Poweigha says:

    Material Mondays! I used to religiously email every Monday I saw a cut I liked, and never ‘won’ anything. Then the emails stopped coming. I assumed I was unlucky, and that the emails were going to spam. Also, I got lazy, and stopped sending emails into what felt like an abyss.

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