Review: McCalls 6848 Adorable Sleepwear

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Wish you had cute jammies?  You might be one pattern away from an endless array.  Today I have your review for McCalls 6848.

McCalls 6848 curved hem pajama shorts with eye mask easy sewing pattern  

McCalls M6848 diy sew your own pajamas easy cute silky

I Did View D and View F.

Why did I sew this?

Because it looked interesting.  But also because it had a hemline I’d never sewn before.

Sewing this item was my first try at:

  1. making a garment with batting.
  2. sewing a curved hemline.  (I can’t really say I did an amazing job.  The fabric used was so fraytastic, it didn’t stand up well to all the handling.  Should I have overcast it first?  Oh well.)

The directions offered zero challenge/no inexplicable diagrams.

I always follow the directions or make very straightforward changes so that I can warn you of potential pitfalls.  None here.

The fit:

  1. So the shorts, if you sit them below the waist, fit fine.  If you’re like me and like things lower-waisted, you’ll have to adjust for that.
  2. The eyemask might be a bit tight.  Like if you like to sleep with a ponytail (which would officially make you insane), then definitely cut the elastic a bit longer.


If you want this kind of pajamas, this pattern is solid.  Obviously, you could draft something up at home, but you’d have to navigate that hem on your own.

So I’m still experimenting with the best way to show you these garments.  Let me know if this one makes you dizzy.

McCalls 6848 curved hem pajama shorts with eye mask easy sewing pattern

Aren’t they cute??

So, what to do now?

  • If you’re looking for more (somewhat embarrassing) pics of the pyjamas, click here.
  • If you want to see my entry into the Jessica Day Look-not-at-all-alike Contest, look down.

Thanks for stopping in. Kisses and stitches, Ruthie

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6 Responses to Review: McCalls 6848 Adorable Sleepwear

  1. I have this pattern sitting around… have been meaning to try it. I definitely need more PJs. Thanks for the review!

  2. Ebi Poweigha says:

    Hah! I like your contest entry. 🙂 And the head shake you do in that animated gif, was that because you couldn’t see where you were going? ;p

    • Ruthie says:

      Oh, the head shake totally could have been edited out. But why give the impression that I’m more together than I am. I’m so glad you like the “contest entry” because Jess Day is a favorite topic of mine! Thanks for adding to the dialogue.

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