Fall 2014?! Ten New Simplicity patterns to talk about.

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Did you know that Simplicity’s Early Fall 2014 patterns were up?  If you knew but didn’t tell me, I forgive you.  Otherwise, here’s my take on ten patterns: nine apparel and one home dec.

First up we have the favorites:

Simplicity 1314 Misses dress and sportswearSimplicity 1323 Misses knit tunics, pants and infinity scarfSimplicity 1325 Misses pants, jumper or tunic, jacket and top

Simplicity 1314 Misses dress and sportswear


Simplicity 1314’s dress is just adorable. I wouldn’t do it in pleather, but I like the lines of it. It’s like a sharper, cinched sheath.

Notably, the included leggings pattern doesn’t call for a zipper.  This is good news. Why Simplicity has included zippers on past legging patterns will always be a mystery. (1372, I learned the face-palm way, has a zipper.)


Simplicity 1323 Misses knit tunics, pants and infinity scarf

Simplicity 1323 is just some great, basic stuff; I love that top.

Listen, the pants are appealing, what with their knit comfort, but pear-shaped girls like myself might think a little before gathering all that clinging fabric around the thighs.  Even on the model, it’s not the best look.    

As an aside, she’s one of my favorite pattern models.  

And incidentally, I only recently learned that those angled arcs in the line drawings show the drape of pants and aren’t tiny, curved tuxedo stripes.


Simplicity 1325 Misses pants, jumper or tunic, jacket and top

Simplicity 1325 is cute on top of cute.  Literally.  It’s like dorky mime meets fashionable librarian.  

This is one of those patterns where you just copy the sample’s color scheme directly.  Why mess with what will obviously work?  

Also, where can a girl get those exact shoes?

Then we have the maybes:

1322Simplicity 1321 Misses pencil, flounce and flared skirtsSimplicity 1320 Misses Jacket with front and fabric variations

1322 Skirt

I like 1322 for it’s asymmetry and the reasonable hemline.  

Ultimately, I probably would never work with pleather or throw on a random, no-use zipper.  

Finally, my favorite thing about this picture was actually the gray top.  Anyone have a pattern for that?


Simplicity 1321 Misses pencil, flounce and flared skirts

Pattern 1321 had me with those godets.

Two things kinda bug me though:

  • The pattern is a bit of a fabric hog.  For view C, you’re talking 2 1/4 to 3 yards.  I could make a dress with that kind of yardage.
  • The second thing is that the fabric in the sample looks almost too thick.  Or something.  If it doesn’t look great with a professional sample-maker and a perfectly proportioned model, what chance do I have?

Simplicity 1320 Misses Jacket with front and fabric variations

My only issue with 1320 is that it’s hot outside now.  The idea of touching wool makes me cringe.  The look, however, is perfect.  I’m reminded of Kate Middleton’s military dabblings:

1313763606_kate-middleton-military-290 katemiddleton-mcqueen-becomegorgeousom elle-09-kate-middleton-aus-nz-v-xln


Last, we have the questionable patterns:

Simplicity 1326 Misses and men's track pantsSimplicity 1316 Misses top with neckline variationsSimplicity 1335 Chair Covers for Ikea and Realspace chairs

Simplicity 1326 Misses and men's track pants

Simplicity 1326 is one more pattern proving that unisex apparel is unattractive on us all.  Here we have two of the most beautiful people on the planet… looking terrible. I will say, in 1326’s defense, that my friend likes it.  This three-channel-elastic-drawstring setup is comfy.  To each his frumpy own.


Simplicity 1316 Misses top with neckline variations

I will sew Simplicity 1316 the day I hire a shirtless, muscle-bound man to fan me 24-7.  Maybe then could I possibly look good in it.  

Only after seeing this one did I notice that the ASG issues patterns.  How does that work?  They draft it as a group?  They submit proposals?

Simplicity 1335 Chair Covers for Ikea and Realspace chairs

Now let’s talk about Simplicity 1335.  It’s for people who want to cover and preserve their Ikea furniture.  Ok.  But do people who buy Ikea furniture care about long-term use?  Maybe.  And then Simplicity hedged their bets by including some patterns for Realspace chairs.

The best, though, is the Front and Back views for the chair covers.  It made me imagine pushing the chairs down the runway.  You know, like a fashion show.  The chairs would  strike a pose, make a sassy turn.

Simplicity 1335 Chair Covers for Ikea and Realspace Chairs

And I do my little turn on the catwalk. Yeah, on the catwalk, yeah.

Yeah, so that’s my take on this latest crop of patterns.  What do you ladies do when the new patterns come out?  Pick out your favorites?  Make fun of the weird ones?  Imagine yourself in a whole new wardrobe?  Freak out because you’re still doing the current season’s sewing?


I’ve sewn up S1325.  Here’s that write-up.

The McCalls Early Fall 2014 patterns are out.  I have a post on that, too~~


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8 Responses to Fall 2014?! Ten New Simplicity patterns to talk about.

  1. Erika says:

    Love your take on them! I actually have been in the dark as far as new patten releases go. I’d never even thought they, like all fashion, have their own seasons. 🙂 I’m a little behind the times with my mostly outdated stash. Guess I now have an excuse to go shopping – for patterns.

    • Ruthie says:

      Yes to pattern shopping. I had to explain to someone recently: if you get it on sale for $1-$2, you can imagine sewing it. Dream of what fabric, what print. Whether you make it immediately or not. Like buying a fashion lottery ticket.

  2. Nakisha says:

    I knew they were out days ago – sorry. :-p

    I don’t love any of them. Though I tend to buy ANYTHING Cynthia Rowley because I find I love her designs. Even if I end up making them a year later (or more).

    I run SCREAMING from any “unisex” pattern. it is never, ever good.
    1321 view A is adorable. I might buy the pattern just for that skirt. At under $2 it’ll be worth it.

  3. Ruthie says:

    Hi, Nakisha~~ Cynthia Rowley’s are rarely “what was she thinking.” I’m curious about these asymmetric skirts: how to grade them out without getting wonky. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Laura says:

    Wow, some of these are pretty cute (the ones higher up the list, obviously). I wouldn’t have though to use a pattern to cover a chair – I’d probably just give it a crack. Of course my anti-peplum stance extends to chairs, and this makes life simpler in the recovering stakes. Or it would, if I chose to recover anything.

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