Rotary (cutter) Club

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Dear sharp objects,

  • Lose a toe to frostbite.
  • Cut off my own ear.
  • Shave my head.
  • Fight a tiger with my bare hands.
  • File taxes every month.

This is a brief list of things I’d rather do than go back to cutting with shears.  (I didn’t include “slice off a finger” because that’s kinda possible.)  There are three of you:  45mm, 28mm and baby boy 18mm.  Between you, I get all the accuracy I need.

rotary cutters for dressmaking

My little guys~~ 18mm sure gets in the nooks and crannies!

Rotary cutters and mats, I love you.  Brown rice that acts like pattern weights, you’re also awesome.

Kisses and stitches,



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  1. Laura says:

    Ha! I like to use a pair of candlesticks and a glass penguin as pattern weights.

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