McCalls Unisex Sleepwear M4320 View B

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McCalls Sewing Pattern M4320 diy pajamas

Even in sketches, I’m pigeon-toed.

What’s better than having lots of pajamas?  If you guessed “lots of homemade pajamas,” you were correct!  Today I bring you McCalls M4320.  It features six views, in three sizes, for two genders.  Technically, that’s 36 options, not endless~~

McCalls pattern M4320

Nothing says Sunday morning like a folded newspaper and casual robe.

What did I sew?

View B of McCalls 4320 in size small in “snuggle flannel.”

Why did I sew this garment?

I actually started this garment well before my recent posts.  It seemed like an Easy Option.  Hehe.  Also, what better way to practice garment skills than to sew clothes that never leave the house?

What new skills did I practice?

  • my first neck facing (if you look carefully in the video, you’ll see I haven’t washed off the water-soluble ink yet)
  • raglan sleeves
  • ruining a garment and starting over–a seamstress can have no greater attribute than the determination to try harder


  • mostly straightforward directions
  • lots of options all in one envelope
  • the chance to practice raglan sleeves before moving on to set-in sleeves
  • cozy, generous sleeves


  • inconsistent seam finishing directions
  • being unisex, the shirt doesn’t accommodate the female form very well–judicious hemming can some help here


  • be careful when choosing the envelope.  you and the person you sew for (for whom you sew??) may not be in the same size group.

The classic 3-point pose:

McCalls Sewing Pattern M4320 diy pajamas






McCalls Sewing Pattern M4320 diy pajamas


McCalls Sewing Pattern M4320 diy pajamas








So the next view I’m gonna make is the Robe.  Note: the Robe doesn’t have a view letter.  My boyfriend and I both need summer robes, but who should get theirs first?  Let the intrepid readers decide!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nakisha says:

    100% in favor of Ruthie!!!! 🙂

    Raglan sleeves are a gift from the sewing Gods.

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