Simplicity 1426 Vintage Bra Top Review

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It’s heating up outside.  I’ve skipped over all that shirt sewing and went straight for the bra top.  *smile*

Simplicity 1426. diy vintage bra top.

That promising moment when all the materials are collected.

Why did I sew this garment?

Good question.  I wanted to sew something that covered the apex area.  I’ve yet to make a dress, so I thought this would be a good stepping stone towards making a bodice.

What new skills did I practice?

  • making pleats
  • constructing a bodice-like garment
  • lining a garment
  • first halter neckline


  • mostly straightforward directions
  • clean design lines
  • educational fashion facts
  • low fabric footprint


  • inconsistent lining directions
  • too-large circumference


  • don’t get discouraged if garment looks weird halfway through; I thought cups were way too large, but they ended up ok
  • center your buttons according to your underbust circumference

The classic 3-point pose:

Simplicity 1426 Bra Top Sewing pattern


Simplicity 1426 Bra top


Simplicity 1426 Bra top







I’m definitely making more of these.  But I haven’t decided which one I should do next.  Any thoughts?  B, C or D??

Thanks for reading.  Want more?  Check out my video review page.



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4 Responses to Simplicity 1426 Vintage Bra Top Review

  1. Evanny says:

    Really cute! I’m thinking of sewing up this pattern, but I want to elongate the bodice. Good to know that the directions are pretty much straight forward.

  2. Geo P says:

    Dear Ruthie, I am amazed of how much you have achieved in such a short period of time. The top fits great, the shorts you made look perfect, you are a talented seamstress! 😊

    • Ruthie says:

      Thanks so much, Geo P. Sometimes I feel like a madwoman so your encouragement means a lot. (Might still be a madwoman, though.)

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