Ruthie Reviews: McCalls 6742 Dress Slip (view B)

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This time I’m back with my McCalls slip.  I’ve never owned a slip.  I don’t possess any dresses that need one.  And yet I really wanted to have one.  And now that dream has come true.


diy dress slip, polyester charmeuse, McCalls patterns

I benefit from seeing the front and back line drawing at the same time.

McCalls 6742 Dress Slip, diy, sewing

I used an inexpensive polyester charmeuse to try my hand at slippery fabrics.

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that there are no notions!  No elastic, no S hooks, no buttons that you spaced out and forgot to buy.

Lots of firsts in this garment:

  • my first time working on the bias (wooo-woo).
  • my first time working with a slippery fabric.
  • my first time sewing French seams.
  • my first time sewing straps.

Overall, I’m not displeased.

Fit-wise:  I’m a size 12 bust and size 14 hip.  Having never graded between two sizes, I just cut a 12.  If the slip hadn’t been on the bias, it would have been too snug.  With three wearings, it’s settled into a perfect fit.

Straps for M6742 slip


diy French seams

French seams~~ (And non-matching thread)

diy slip polyester chartreuse

Who doesn’t dance around in their newly sewn garments?

So does anyone ever sew things that don’t make sense for their wardrobe?  Anyone else who would rather start their next project and not hem the previous one?  🙂



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3 Responses to Ruthie Reviews: McCalls 6742 Dress Slip (view B)

  1. Nakisha says:

    Oh all the time. I sewed 3 S1426 bra tops and that is completely and utterly impractical! But they are cute and fun!!! HA!

    I want a slip too! I totally never wear a slip. Never ever. But it just seems like a cool sewing project! Love the fabric and really nice work with your first slippery crazy fabric!

    • Ruthie says:

      So not 24 hours before you admitted to oversewing S1426, I had just sewn one up. What a fast, easy pattern.

      • Nakisha says:

        And it’s so cute! Really like your version.

        It’s such a quick and gratifying projects and uses like, next to no fabric! Ahhhh. What’s not to love.

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